View Full Version : Need help Deciding for season

02-03-2004, 08:39 PM
I am a new member and signed up with intentions to getting some help and maybe being able to help someone else out. I completely agree about Donn's statement about this forum and every other car audio forum for that matter. Why is it that most people who know car audio are the ones bashing and making people who simply want help look stupid. I really need help and soon for that matter, anything will help.
My first ever comp is on sunday (usac) I am going to try to accumulate 200 points to go to finals. I have alot of equipment i can use i just want to know what would be the best to go with to be the most competitive (classwise)
I have a 91 acura legend 4dr. (max box size 24"x36x13.5"tall)
I have the following equipment available
(2)Beyond Audio Inhuman 12's (2x2ohm-Aluminum double hard spiders)
(1)Beyond Audio Inhuman 15 (4x1ohm-"____")
(2)Mmats modded 300hcs
(1)Kicker kx1200.1 (rated at [email protected] ohms)
I know this isnt the correct forum for this topic but i thought i might get some help