View Full Version : Kenwood HD545U Random Play Issues

12-22-2010, 02:51 AM
Hey guys! I dont post to much, but I need some help / advice. I purchased a Kenwood HD545U Head Unit for my ride, was a good price and HD radio is nice. I also like the Kenwood brand.

Im having some problems tho, I bought it mostly because I could use a cheapo 16-20gig Flash drive to store my 5,000 or some songs and listen to them without having to use my Ipod. Its installed in a Jeep, so the Ipod just hangs off the front ><

Anyhow, I have all songs loaded into the flash drive, and the deck does not see more then "255" songs. The same songs, over and over. Its driving me nuts and I cant seem to find any fixes for this, so I thought I would turn to you guys. About to spend 10hrs in a car for the holidays tomorrow, and yea.... lol.

Any help on how to get around this issue? Deck is pretty new, maybe 1 month old. Weird thing is, when I do connect the Ipod, it will random all 1500 or so songs on that, but not with the USB card.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

12-22-2010, 11:45 AM
Strange... I have the same unit but I haven't installed it yet. Is the flash drive formatted in Fat32? If not, format it for FAT32 in Windows. Try copying all the mp3's onto the flash drive with no folders. Its possible the number of folders is throwing it off or it can't read certain file/folder names. I know there's people using external hard drives, 250+GB without any problems so a flash drive formatted to FAT32 should act the same.