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12-11-2010, 04:54 AM
As someone who gets hives when a Journey song comes on the radio, I was taken by surprise at how good Glee tv show (http://www.collectcheapdvd.com/products/122-Glee-Season-1-DVD-Box-Set.html) is. An exceptionally attractive and talented cast focuses a spotlight--both figuratively and literally--on the ultimate dweebs of high school: Glee dvd boxset (http://www.collectcheapdvd.com/products/122-Glee-Season-1-DVD-Box-Set.html) club.

It is no surprise that Glee dvd (http://www.collectcheapdvd.com/products/122-Glee-Season-1-DVD-Box-Set.html) arises from the same writer for "Popular" . . . that short-lived and underrated second-tier network series with a similar setting. What is surprising is how well they integrate the music with the story line. What keeps it from being saccharine is the self-awareness and not-even-close-to-subtle wink to the camera that "yes, we are manipulating your feelings from high school." It is remarkably effective. At the same time it is a parody, it still connects us to that time when we all felt like the outcasts in High School. And make us feel like we could have had a voice if we only had a Glee dvd set (http://www.collectcheapdvd.com/products/122-Glee-Season-1-DVD-Box-Set.html) boxset club like this one.

12-11-2010, 04:55 AM
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