View Full Version : DLS REFERENCE: R6A vs MS6

01-29-2004, 07:50 PM
what are the pros and cons between the two components speakers?

All I know is that everyone seems to be raving about the MS6. But it needs more power compared to the R6A (100watts RMS vs 80watts RMS).

Tried to download the spec sheets of each but i couldn't understand squat about the info provided (save for that the MS6 needs more power).

If you were going to power them with an 80watt RMS amp, would you settle for the R6A because they match? or would you go for the mother-of-all-Reference-2-way-seps because its just a few $ more?

01-30-2004, 07:03 PM
I don't know anyone raving about these two. Maybe the DLS Iridium sets which are the top of the liines.

Check out the AI forums, there's a lot of meets back there and maybe you can listen to them first and see which one is best for you.