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01-29-2004, 01:31 PM
This might be tought to explain but here goes.

Picture this, a sub box. Flat on top 3/4"(mdf). Flat on top of that is a thick 1/4" piece of plexi glass. On Top of that is a 1/4" plywood. So basicaly we have a sandwitch of plexi between two boards.


Now...... Two cutouts for the subs. through all three layers.
The top two layers (plywood & Plexi) are cut about 1" larger in diameter then the bottom layer of MDF. The sub is mounted to the bottom most layer.

What I want to do is somehow light up the plexi so that you see the glowing edge of the plexi around the sub. The top most layer will be covered in vynil.

Any ideas on how to light this plexi up so it glows?

Any other suggestions for the similar effect are appreciated.

01-29-2004, 01:51 PM
Yeah man, edge light that beyatch. Etch the area around your subs that you want to glow. Then polish all the egdes of the plexi well. Then paint three of the four edges white. This will reflect the light back into the plexi. Then you use some led's on the fourth edge. The light will make the etched area glow. :)