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11-26-2010, 06:11 AM
Hey I have a audioque 15" hdc3 aluminum coil dual 1 ohm, I contacted audioque to get a box size for this sub and the said 4.5 cubes at 36Hz and I designed a box using the re audio box calculator, using 0.75" thick mdf for the whole box, I know the baffle should be thicker due to the weight of this sub that's why I'm thinking about putting three 1" thick bracing going from top to bottom inside the box to support this weight, do you think this will be good enough? The outside diameters have to be pretty small considering the car, 2001 ford focus se (sedan not wagon), ii will usually have to box on the backseat, but with these dimesnsions I will be able to have the box in the trunk if I chose to, with those box dimensions it works out to like 4.6 cubes at 37Hz or something like that but with the displacement of the sub and what not I'm hoping for it to go down to 4.5 at 36Hz. I could build the box like that and use the bracing and what not, OR I could do two layers thick of 0.75" mdf and have the box around 4.1 cubes and 36Hz, as well as I'm going to be buying a audiopipe ap30001D and running that at 2 ohm for the 3000w rms for this sub, how do you think this will sound? How loud will this set-up be roughly? I'll be using 1/0 gauge for power and ground and probably 8-4 awg for the speaker wires, I'll be getting the big 3 done in 1/0 gauge, I'll buy a 250 amp alternator in the future, and I know a guy here where I live who can get me optima yellowtop batteries for $70 each...soooo I'll get about 3 of them and I'll get them cheaper when I buy 3 at once, sooooo $200 for the batteries, $250 I paid for the sub, about $150 to build the box, $280 for the amp, $70 in wiring, and $200 for the alternator, I think that's a really good price considering the noobs who don't know about better brands go out and spend the same amount of money at best buy :p lol so yeah just give me your opinon on this set-up and how loud it'll be, and. How those box designs will work out for me, you can reply to this post or e-mail straight to me @ [email protected]

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