View Full Version : Alpine iDA-X303 and USB Input=One speaker?

11-11-2010, 02:53 PM
So, yesterday I received my new Alpine iDA-X303 to replace the aging Clarion that came in my "new" car. It works perfectly over AM/FM with all six speakers working, but when you switch to USB audio, it only comes out of the one speaker in the very right corner of the windshield. I tried this with my Droid, and my flash drive, with the same result both times, I've yet to try my iPod with it as I heard there were issues with iOS4 and this deck (iOS4 was meh for my old 2G anyway). I checked the fader and balance, and if I try to adjust it, the speaker just ends up muted. So, am I just trying to use bad audio file (Tried two different ones) that's in mono, or did I get a defective deck? Other than this, it works perfectly. I bought it brand new and all the packaging was intact, so I'm 99.9% sure it hasn't been tampered with.
For the record, the car's a 1990 Mercedes 300SE, so it's got two speakers on top of the dash, one in each front door, and two on the hat shelf. And no, it wasn't the stock radio I removed, that was long gone before I bought the car.