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01-28-2004, 01:23 AM
i have an audiobahn awt15x. i took out the back seats of my 96 chevy 1500. i can have up to 18 cubes to work with, however i will definitly not need them for one 15"sub, but its still cool to know. anyways here are my MAX dimensions (looking from the side)

------- 19" -----
|------------------\ Hieght of 24"

THis is a view from the side (hopefully it comes out right).
It can go up to 58" wide across the back giving it up to 18 cubes!!! i have heard that around 4-4.5 cubic feet is good for the sub and tuned around 27hz. This is just what i have heard if anyone has any suggestions please feel free. anyways i was wondering to get the best SQ out of this sub, should i place the sub and port facing up toward the roof? downfiring? sub face up and port shoot out sideways? etc. I am looking for the best deep low sounding bass and not too worried about numbers as i am not going to compete. i listen to mostly rap. ANY SUGGESTIONS AT ALL WOULD BE HELPFUL. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

oh, btw, im a pushing it with a 2400 watt concept mono. i am a noob looking for suggestions...thanks

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01-29-2004, 09:24 AM
get a different sub audiobahn is poopy