View Full Version : Best Head Unit in the area of $250?

11-10-2010, 04:52 PM
Open to any brand. I will not be installing myself Im just gonna walk into a store and get it turnkeyed. My last [censored] got jacked.

Its going into an 01' mustang GT with the mach system so it has factory amps. I have been out of this game for a long time so theres stuff Im not sure of. I was going for a unit with 3 sets of preouts but I wonder if I really need them? I mean the mach system uses a special wiring harness so do the amps connect that way or will the installer use RCAs into the preouts?

I'm pretty much open to any brand but I just want something reliable. I don't want something that will skip after a year. I have only run three head units but from what I can see you get what you pay for. I might be willing to go a little higher, but the unit would have to be GOOD. Im on a budget.

I am open to any brand. I am really interested in trying a Blaupunkt. I always wanted to try one but they had a mediocre reputation when I first got into audio. Again though any suggestion will be considered Pioneer, Alpine, JVC etc

11-10-2010, 05:57 PM
Just ordered a JVC Arsenal KD-A815