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01-28-2004, 12:28 AM
Hi, I am looking to replace my stock dash tweeters (facing upwards at windshield)with some good aftermarket speakers (under $100). The speaker size needed to fit is 2.5" and I have only seen this one set of speakers that people say is a direct fit for my car; anybody used/heard these? http://www.discountjungle.net/jblgto2midtw.html
JBL GTO 220 2.5" midrange/tweeter. Nothing special, just need to raise the soundstage because my 6.5" door speakers fire at my feet and I know I can do better than stock with the dash speakers. These JBL ones are NOT dedicated tweeters, but also a midrange, which I think should help raise the soundstage better. They have titanium tweeters; do you think silk would be better? Oh yeah, I listen mainly to rap if that matters, and I will try to just get by with powering these with my Alpine stereo. Let me know what you think about these speakers. Also, if you think I would be better off with just regular tweeters up there then say so. I am looking for the best sound quality and imaging possible but only want to use stock speaker locations, not build kicks or anything. Thanks.

The Bigest E
01-28-2004, 05:31 PM
I've heard these speakers. There good for imaging, they play loud and clear. For the money, there a good deal.

Using a decent HU to power them would be fine. Silk tweets can sound smoother, but for rap music, titanium is the way to go. For the best sound, be sure to keep all base frequencys away from them, they are made to reproduce the upper frequency ranges only.

I've used several types of JBL car speakers, and currently run GTO 635's that I'm very happy with.

Look around for a better price than DiscountJungle, there prices are good, but there shipping costs are bull sh#@!

01-28-2004, 10:41 PM
Hey, thanks for the info., looks like I'll be getting a pair in the near future. Yeah, I have never heard silk tweets and just wondered; I imagine they'd be smooth but would lack the loudness and clarity needed to overcome the big bass notes in rap music. Well, as for the install, I would have to wire them in parallel with my door speakers for a total of 2ohm per front HU channel (assuming JBLs are 4 ohm. Is 2 ohm ok for HU?) since I only have 4 channel obviously on the HU and six speakers (rear ones get own channel.) And as you can see in the pic, the JBLs do come with their own crossovers and I think I've heard you can adjust the midrange speaker's HP and the tweeter's HP individually. I believe they give you two diff. settings but not sure. Either way, they will be protected by that crossover. The only thing that ***** is that they stick up above the dash some and don't look stock at all (stocks are flush mounted with dash), but I think I would like the look if I had them. Yeah, shipping is what these discount places get you on, esp. on subs! If I get them, I'll let you all know how they sound. Thanks again.