View Full Version : Need help with my sound stage, to rear fill or not to rear fill?

01-27-2004, 12:14 AM
Well I now have an inifinity 6.5" component set in my fronts courtesy of my friends spare set =) However, now that I have these hooked up Im kinda having a dilema. Basically my rear deck 5 1/4" drivers are overpowering my front 6.5" door speakers. The rear speakers are Kenwood 2-ways but Im only using the driver right now. I have my crossover set up with my 4-channel amp so I have 2 channels for high and 2 for mid. The 6.5 and the 5 1/4 are run off the mid channels and the tweets are run off the high channel. Before I hooked up the 5 1/4's in the rear deck I had a nice sound with good channel seperation, but it wasn't quite loud enough on the mids. So... my question is, should I just say screw it on the rear fill? I think the problem with the rears is that they are too close together producing almost a mono tone to my ears. Also, now that I have the rears hooked up I can't get my mid range frequency to sound right. Is there anyway I could put the 5 1/4 in the dash (they will fit right in) or should I just take them out all together. If you can help me out it'd be great.
Ron Jon

01-27-2004, 11:49 PM
I'm sort of confused on what you are doing with the amp. You should have the tweet and the midrange of the component set wired into the infinity crossover. Then run a speaker wire to the amp. You could always adjust the fade on the hu as well if ou ran two rcas.

01-28-2004, 12:43 AM
Heres my setup

Head Unit (x2 RCA) >======< X-over (x3 RCA) >======< Amp A, Amp B, Amp Sub

I have a 4 channel amp represented as Amp A and Amp B and then a dedicated sub amp represented by Amp Sub. Since my x-over is of the active variety Im running 2 RCA's into it (one being the sub preout and one being the front preout). Then from the x-over I get my high channel, mid channel, and sub channel all via RCA's. Then the channels are fed to the respective amp. I use the 4 channel amps first 2 channels (right 1 and left 1) as Amp A (the high amp) and then the second two channels (right 2 and left 2) as Amp B (the mid amp). The sub amp is self-explanitory. Basically its the same setup as using a passive crossover, Im just doing it before the amp. This way I have a dedicated high channel and a dedicated mid channel for my components. Also, it lets me fine tune my frequencies all in one spot. However, it doesn't allow me to amp my rear deck any less than my fronts. So for that reason, I was thinking why not just run the rear fill from the HU as many people do. I will still have the option to use my fader (as Im using the front preout as well as the non-fading sub preout) I dont know, I think it'll work out nicely, if anyone has any better suggestions let me know.
Ron Jon

01-29-2004, 10:27 AM
You can try one of two things, start by running those rear speakers in series. This will doulble the resistance and make them quieter. If it still doesn't meet your standards then disconnect them. I never run rears and never miss them either.

Adam :cool: :fart:

01-29-2004, 03:34 PM
I say forget the rear fills. It will just screw up your front stage.

You can also hook it up straight to your HU if you can still fade them.

My rear fills are hooked up to my alpine HU but it's usually turned off.