View Full Version : Problem with Wife's Kenwood X693 HU

10-01-2010, 04:46 PM
My wife has a Kenwood X693 HU in her car and it went into the shop for repairs, well, while it was in the shop some kids broke into the car and ripped the HU out of the dash. The car shop told me the car was broken into but they did not tell me the HU was pulled out of the car and then droped as they ran away, I found that out from the Police, so I guess they just rewired the HU back into the car. I think I will need to make them pay for it but I was going to try and just fix the problem If I was able to and forget it.....

Here is the problem, She is running two IDQ10D4 Subs, she can play any songs as long as they do not have low, hard bass. If she tries to play any music with low bass the HU will just cut off, cutting the Sub/Mid/Highs Amps off also. I tried rewiring the HU and I first thought it was a bad ground, I ran a new ground to the frame of the car and it still is doing it. Is it time to have them just buy me another HU? From the looks of it the HU is overheating now that it has been dropped. What do you guys think? Even seen this problem before? I know it is not a Kenwood problem because it was fine until they tried to steal it, I am just asking if it can be fixed. Thanks

10-02-2010, 02:13 AM
If it was in the shop for repairs when the head unit/car was was stolen, its the shop's responsibility for replacement/repair SOMETIMES. It depends on their insurance coverage and local laws. Other times you can get your comprehensive insurance coverage to cover it, if you have it on your policy. That also depends on your policy/coverage.

I would try to get it replaced at all costs before eating the headunit because it was damaged from someone stealing it. :( Sorry to hear about it man! :(