View Full Version : SPLeague, OCTOBER CASH SMASH

09-29-2010, 03:17 AM
So this will be the 1st annual October CASH SMASH, a 4 week event, the next 4 weeks we will be having 4 seperate shows at the Ultimate Electronics on 84th ave and i25.

BASS CONTROLwill be 29.9 class and 39.9 class only. and 1st place takes home $$$$$$$Cash$$$$$$$

there will also be POWER verses POWER SPL. a 2x point event
this will be WALL, NO wall and Trunk combined. This will be metered in all three Locations to determine your True "legal" SPL score. unless

---A.) 0 - 2500 (2 batt limit) or within 220ah. etc...
----B.) 2501 - 5000 (4 batt limit)
-----C.) 5001- 10000 (8 batt limit)
------D.) 10001-16000 (12 batt limit)
-------E.) 16000 + (unlimited batt limit)

so here are the dates

October 10th

October 17th

October 24TH

October 30th will be a BASSCONTROL AND LOW END MONSTER EVENT. we will have a best holloween costume award, the woofer toss, and SUB bowling.

Entry Fee will be $30 for the first event, and $40 for SPL and BASSCONTROL

For Each additional event, the entry fee is $10.00
For those Competitors wanting to enter other events for Points, such as (TSPL) (PSPL) Low end monster or DTP. points will be carried over to next year. although no awards will be given for events not on this venue, ONLY POINTS.