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09-21-2010, 07:31 PM
well i finally got around to installing some more Audio Wrap this week. i did my entire floorboard from front to backseats with 2 layers total 3 layers in the large areas. there was huge difference ive n0ticed in the road n0ise it was reduced greatly. i also did all my doors in the rear i did 2 layers on outer skin and 1 layer on inner. here i was able to tell a difference instantly my Focal coax rear speakers were louder and sounded better then my front Focal components. then i did the front doors 3 layers outer 2 layers inner and n0w the front Focals sound better then ever i was amazed by how just deadening the doors the quality of the sound changed so much.The overall sound is great bass sounds better n0 more rattles at all i may have went a little overboard using so much but i wanted to make sure it was done right the first time. ill post videos tomorrow after the show and also report any results if gains etc.

Overall Audio Wrap hands down is the best deadener ive used the adhesive is crazy sticky i did a few tests on a piece of dirty metal and stuck to it and wouldn't come off the other deadener i tested came off with little effort. I cant wait to finish the hatch area soon and redo the roof with the new 10mil product. id recommend this to anyone who was skeptical about a new deadener as a former second skin team member id say this has it beat in my option.






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before you can see how much the panels flex and how loud the sound is.

after its nice and quiet hardley any noise the score is louder and less noise.

ignore the scores 1st is an older video from last year im just showing how it sounds before and after.

soon as i run a sweep and figure the new frequency out ill know what i gained or lost last time when i did my roof my res frequency went down 3hz

09-21-2010, 07:43 PM
Excellent Review! Just did my roof today and WOW! Great stuff! Check out my Review when you get time!