View Full Version : 2 12's box dimensions(reg cab)

01-22-2004, 09:33 PM
i have 2 rockford fosgate HE 12" subs. i have a reg cab silverado so i'm tite on space. i want to make a box tha goes all the way across the back wall so i can get alot of displacement in the boxes. the subs top mounting depth is 5 13/16 inches. what does that mean. if u can give me some box dimensions for this type of box give me a link to a site with one. needs to be sealed(duh reg cab) want the box to be as thin as possible(depth) make up for that in width. and i also still want to be able to fold center console up. kinda picky aint i. also tell me a good type of wood to use and some good sealant products and how to cut a good circle

01-22-2004, 10:07 PM
use 3/4 mdf and gorilla glue or liquid nails (something like that) and caulk if u need.top mounting depth should be depth of speaker overall,sticking in and out of box.should have a paper that says how many cubic ft u need,cant think of it on them subs.i left maybe a 1/4 inch behind my magnets on my mtx's in my 91 silverado. i have 2 boxes both 7 deepat bottom and 5 at top,21 long, and 16 tall (outside diameter) and they are .77 cubic ft.i cut cardboard to what size i wanted (took in account board thickness) and checked to see how skinny i could make em,think u should do the same