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08-28-2010, 09:13 PM
i purchased the midbass about a year ago from chad at better audio sound solutions(chad if you see this hit me up man i lost your contact info and canot find your site!)
I got the ES-02 @ wooferst etc.

first let me say do NOT hesitate to use ethier source.. excellent customer service pricing and support..

secondly my source unit is a kenwood x991.. i love this deck its one of the best sounding units ive heard in my life..
I got it for 400 and it was worth every penny.. excellent source unit.. too bad kenwoods new x993/994 isn't an upgrade
the amp is a sundown audio 100.4 its a solid amp its underated and very clean output section and well as a nice swiching supply.. my only wish is a slightly cleaner preamp section and better crossovers but other than that for the money its not far off the highend stuff you pay 2x the price..

the install isn't exactly ideal.. i was building door panels to mount the mid and tweeters at hte top of the door close to the dash angled upward in perfect axis but that has been delayed till next weekend(can't wait)
so as in the ES02s are in the A-piller mounted about 15 degrees off axis and the mids are down low in the door.

i have alot of TA options with this deck.. i have the tweeters on the "front preamp and mids on the rear pre amp.. on the fronts (where i have the tweeters wired)it takes into account "speaker location" aka tweeters are in the dash/door or under the dash and same for the mids either dash or door.. i try all of them and the t/a as induced by the unit is very nice and accurate..

i also have the option to use seperation between the fronts and rears(mids and tweeters) from 0 to 9 feet this helps the phase between the mids in the doors being so low bring the sound-stage up and more in phase with the tweeters.. about 1.17 feet off set sound the best here(under DTA) furthermore in sound control there is more time alignment which uses 2 separate D/A one for the rear and one for the fronts.. it lets be get the soundstange from left to right.. so i can get it perfectly in phase and positioned .. when i listen to the music its like putting head phones on and having a true stereo sound.. now the separation isn't exactly as good as i wanted it to be but considering the location phase and placement it sounds **** good.

now for the tweeters (es02) i recently acquired.. i stepped up from the drt 26s.. which are very nice tweeters meant to be used with a 24db octave slope around 3k i loved the soft smooth silky sound they have.. good air never brite but not to dull like alot of other "high-end" silks i've heard but i desired more output and a lower xover point, I felt the mid was low(placement) and crossing it above 2500 was asking alot since it has a ton of throw and good efficiency down low.. id highly recommend the drt26 if your going to keep it close to the mid and have the mids sealed off or crossed around 80hz up.. dropping the es02 in; off axis i wasn't impressed.. so i did what cdt recommends and put them in some 2"pvc endcaps and got them very close to perfect axis.. wow they sound unique.. not that its a bad thing because there very detailed natural and transparent.. but going from a silk dome to a paper cone its abit different.. the onlyest way i can describe it is between a mix of a paper midrange and a high-end cloth tweeter..
the midrange and LEF is amazing with theses suckers. i have them crossed @ 2k with a 12db octave xover.. they are a bit less efficient than the drt26 but the midrange is better.. where the set was lacking between 2000 and 2500 has cleared up(mostly because the mid is so low).. the output is very good with 100 watts.. i mean there never over bearing or brite so you don't realize they do and can damage your hearing there just forgiving which i love.. the mid hits HARD, sounds very transparent and easly plays up to 3k on axis. sure they have some peaks/vaeelys above 3k but i run full from time to time when i open my doors to have alittle music outside and there not bad full range which was shocking seeing as the have enough midbass to be felt in your chest on some songs. this is in just some sealed, deadened doors in the factory location.. i have the mid crossed around 1.5 with a 12db octave slope and the blending between the 2 drivers is excellent. props to cdt for excellent customer service as well.. i am a customer for life as long as they continue to make quality products..

i listed to phil collins in the air tonight and take me home.. in the air comes on strong with vocals and instruments vthat distress even the most expensive and more beloved tweeters(focal polys bost pros/ref etc..).. theyh don't even break a sweat with the full 100 watts. good separation and detail plenty of air for those of you who like the soft dome tweeters.. the real test thought was take me home with the killer drum line in hte midrange section.. wow, they sound extremely realistic.. its realistic enough if you where in a blind test unaware you wasn't on stage you would swear it was a live performance..

i like lil wayne hes sick with the flow and is pretty intelligent with the wording and has some of the best beats..
shes on fire comes threw with detail like youd expect 4-6k pair of floor standing speakers would.. drop the world and paradice are 2 more of my favorites and again the depth detail and imaging is excellent..

i listen to a ton of stuff from bob marley to mimosa to pink floyd and everything i put threw them sounds great.. the mids realy kick *** as well. i really wanted to try the HAT 6.5s but i felt 450 was just abit too steep for a pair so i opted for the es6s.. with nearly the displacement and equal power handling for the 250 i pair for them they make me smile.. plenty of LFE plenty of output excellent midrange.. you really can't ask for more..

all in all this set is easily up there with the high-end offerings from focal seas dynaudio so much so i have yet to understand why CDT hasn't mad the es ultra with the es02s and the es06/es6.. they truly are something you must experence..