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08-28-2010, 05:05 AM
I shouldve posted this review when i bought my deck from them...i was too late..just to let u all know that this site is a fraud...they claim to sell car audio stuff at wholesale price rather then retail...but what you get is a refurinsh item, which doesnt work propperly. 2 years ago when i first got my car (2000 honda Prelude)..i wanted to get a top of the line Kenwood HU. Thats when i found out my dream deck was a KDC-X991 (2007 top model for kenwood).

I was also a member of Caraudio.com and on their website..they listed Dealer Cost Car Audio (dealercostcaraudio.com) as one of the top site for purchasing cheap wholesale Car Audio. So i thought to myself..i might give a try. Went to their website and compare the Head Unit to Crutchfield's. Their Price was $300 compare to Crutchfield's which is $600. I Then decide to order from them. Give them a call and they said the HU is back order. Two days later i got an email from them saying the HU is instock and if i want i can go ahead and place an order, so i did.

When my HU arrived (took 3 weeks), The face plate was all scratch up (Make me think they either sold me a display item or a returned item instead of a new one as listed on their website). I call them back about the condition of the HU, and one of the sales guy told me that the head unit is brand new, and i can't returned it unless its not working. 3 month later my HU stop reading MP3 files and CD, Call them up again and they said they have change their warranty plans...its now a 3 month return policy instead of a 1 year...so now im stuck with a 300 deck which is not work as i wanted it. (sometime it plays and others time it wont)

So FYI, dont order from them..they are a fraud and not an aurthozied retailer. so if things broke..your stuck...

09-22-2010, 11:28 AM
if u type dealercostcaraudio in on google you'll find stories just like yours in most cases they dont send the product out from what i've read

08-04-2011, 05:18 PM
They also have a retail location in Irvine Ca. called "GOLD STAR AUDIO" and from everything I can find they cannot be trusted and are involved in consumer fraud. You can find the Orange County District Attorneys Press Release by searching "GOLD STAR AUDIO" on orangecountyda.com. I would post the link but this forum is not allowing it.

BUYER BEWARE- Once a thief, always a thief....