View Full Version : ORANGELSS is a TURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avoid all transactions with him!!

08-24-2010, 08:18 PM
I've had two seperate transactions with Orangelss. First one I bought two ESX q120.4 amps from him. The packaging was horrible with these, but somehow they made it safely to me being loosely packed (one got slightly dinged up). I received these in less than 2 weeks. Figured since the first transaction went decent, I would purchase some subs off him which I wanted for a long time (two elemental e12a's) and brand new at that, couldn't pass these up. So I purchased both brand new subs from him.

Waited 2 weeks and asked him if they shipped yet, he stated he would ship them the following week. Waited another week more and emailed him again. This time he stated he shipped them UPS (never emailed tracking number as requested or promised) and for some reason they shipped them back to him or so he stated. He never emailed tracking to prove this and I figured I would give him another chance to make things right. (I knew it was a BS reason but gave him the benefit of the doubt). I started blowing up his email asking about the shipment, with all of my emails being ignored. I came acrossed an old email before any transactions with him, which he included his cell phone number. I left several voicemails on it and they all went unanswered.

Finally........42 days later I file a paypal dispute, however, 24 hours prior I warned him on his cell phone via voicemail I was going to file a dispute if he didn't make things right within 24 hours by refunding me my money. Now get this, 43 days later Orangelss provides paypal with "1" tracking number and it's a 33 lb. box. I get this box "4" days later and that's including the weekend. I get home, and see the box outside. It's only one box and nearly the same dimensions as a single 12. The box is ripped in the corners and crushed in several areas from being inadequate to house a massive sub such as these and nearly no packing material. I open up sub, which is loosely packed (Note-I asked Orangelss to package these carefully and insure them after what i received with the ESX amps). Long story short, the basket is cracked in several areas from his crappy packaging, the sub is clearly used as it had 4 screws still in screw holes and the magnet looks as if it's been sitting in salt water for sometime as it's heavily corroded. Long story short, he sent me a used/crap sub when their were suppose to be "two" nice shiny brand new one's. He did it to provide paypal a tracking number so they would award him the dispute and screw me out of my money by sending me garbage after 46 total days and it only took 2 business days with standard ground to arrive to me. Long story short, Orangelss is a complete turd and avoid him at all cost.

Bright note- I tried to call Orangelss after receiving the sub to voice my displeasure and he didn't answer after several attempts (big surprise). I was so ticked off because I thought that paypal was going to award in his favor now that he provided them a tracking number so I called paypal to voice my concern about the events. I explained the details leading up to this and what I received. Your not going to believe this, but Paypal awarded in my favor instantly while I was on the phone with them, and now my cash in my account. Couldn't believe it, but it's there.

JL Audio
08-24-2010, 08:22 PM
well i'll have to say all the time i dealt with him prior to last were good.. however last time he didn't send me everything and said he's have the rest sent out to me.. never got it. He wanted me to get a cd out of the cd player he sent me and send it back to him because it was supposed to be rare or a demo or something. That **** is now in the garbage like his feedback.

08-24-2010, 08:30 PM
He was supposed to send me some other stuff too which isn't even a priority to me (Fuse blocks, ESX manual, misc. ESX screws). I really don't like posting negative feedback and never have, however, I know when he see's I got my cash back he was probably going to try and dump on me so figured I would post the truth before he gets a chance to post who knows what, plus i'm really ticked off at the lame way he does business and making wait for so long for something I really wanted and was willing to wait patiently for. Avoid him!

08-25-2010, 12:06 AM
Thank goodness paypal saw through the smoke!!