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08-20-2010, 06:08 PM
This goes all they way back to January 2010. When I was selling the k9s, Cashmoneyhoe pm'd me and wanted one. He had a z1a for sale that would not sell. So I decided that he can put that in a partial trade. I received the amp in perfect condition and tried to get 800 shipped for it. "X"man came along and offered 750 and to pick up. I agreed. "X"man picked it up, which made him have a remaining balance of 1000 on the amp. Now my own personal BNIB k9s I was selling to him for 1750, which is a steal. He seem to have ran into some problems because after I sold the Z1a he fell off the face of the earth. Phone call after phone call after text after text to Cashmoneyhoe, no response until this past July. He appears out of no where wanting to settle for the amp. I told him I do not have the amp, and I waited for him for 6 months to contact me. I offered to get him anything else he wanted except the k9s, because the prices have gone up. He agreed, he wanted this, that and the other thing...but could not make up his mind. So he asked for a refund. So the type of guy I am, I did not argue, its his money so I sent him 375 bucks on July 8th. After that I got busy and totally forgot about the situation. Then he calls back and asked about the other half, I told him honestly I forgot. He decided he wanted an amp, then he wants a sub, then I offered a dds4a 4 channel in its place, which is worth more than 375. He could not make a decision, so he finally said after a month he wants the 375. I told him, I am fed up with him and do not call again for anything and he will get the rest of his money. Currently I owe him 225, which will be given back to him on monday. After 8 months I could have very well been justified to keep his money for compensation. Because I had to sell the k9s for a lower price than 1750 just to get rid of it.
So I am writing this for two reasons;
1. If you do business with Cashmoneyhoe, make sure you clearly state the terms of the agreement
2. There is bad blood between us now, so before he can write something on this forum and blame me, I am letting everyone know the whole story.

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