View Full Version : Speakers to compliment my kenwood

08-19-2010, 02:56 AM
Hey all,

New to the car audio world. I posted here awhile back about what type of radio I should get for my 06 Altima. I went with a Kenwood DNX5140. One of my back speakers blew so I am in the market for some new speakers to compliment this deck. Any of you have any suggestions? I don't really have a preference in music, I like it all. Something with some good bass would be idea. I don't think I plan on putting in subs or an amp but if thats necessary then it would be something to consider. Any of you have anything good in mind? Price is not an issue but keep in mind I don't really want to go overboard. Just something that sounds good that I can listen to loud without having to worry about blowing anything.

Thanks in advance.