View Full Version : Panasonic c7205U + clairion 7band eq?

08-12-2010, 02:28 AM
Would it be pointless to have a 7 band parametic eq with a panasonic 7205? i believe the pre-out volt is a tad higher, But at 5v i believe my decks pre-outs are fine. Its got an internal eq, But i can get my hand on a 7band for cheap and wanted one when i was running my dual indash due to it not having any adjustments other then "treb, Bass and Sub". Just cant talk myself out of buying it. Would it benifit me in anyway?

The rest of the system consists of ID OEM's with CTX65cs tweets and x-overs on 150w, a pair of 8" orion XTR pro's on an Orion 1200D @ 2 ohm's.