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08-09-2010, 08:29 PM
I need some input from you guys. I have a 97 Camry. Im in the process of installing my first system so bear with me and my "newbness". I have recently purchased a set of polk mm6501 components and Im havin trouble deciding on where to mount the tweeters. Where would be the best location without hearing the "harsh highs"?

the A pillar
the kick panel
the door panel

I listen to rap and R&B. Im not goin for extreme SQ hence the reason I chose polks over ID or Focal. I just want my system to sound nice and not harsh like some cars I've rode in. If you guys need me to add any info, lmk


08-09-2010, 09:06 PM
Im not sure about where to mount tweeters in the 97 Camry. But usually, the best way is to hook up the tweeters and "temporarily" mount them in different areas to find out what sounds the best. A-pillars can be a good spot, but you might have to do a little fiberglass work to make them look right. Sometimes tweeters can be mounted in the side mirrors panels (depends on the car). Easiest spot is in the door panel. You can mount them closer to the Mid speaker or up higher on the door panel. I dont like speakers in the kick panel and that would most likely require custom work too.