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08-09-2010, 01:27 AM
Dell Inspiron 1501 (service tag: 2H15ZD1)

Features: 15.4 screen/1.8gz AMD Athlon x2 64-bit processor/2gb ram/20gb SATA drive.

This machine is just about 3 years old. The PC has primarily been used as a field laptop and shows signs of daily use, as you can see in the photos the lid has a bunch of scuffs and scratches. The screen however, looks good, no big scratches that I can see, no dead pixels or visible issues. The keys all function/none missing. All 4 USB ports function, the DVD-R drive functions. The battery appears to hold a charge, for exactly how long Iím unsure as I have only used this laptop with the power adapter, but I will assume it works fine. WiFi works without issue. Audio through speakers and port function as normal.

Outside of the cosmetics, the only downfall to this machine is that it only has a 20gb hard drive installed. It had a 160gb drive installed originally, but the drive died, so I threw the only SATA drive I had left into it. Fortunately 2.5Ē SATA drives can be had VERY cheap, and you can easily re-install everything with the CDís I provide, no problem. The machine had little installed on it and was mostly used in conjunction with an external drive so the 20gb drive wasnít an issue for me.

This machine came loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium; I Currently have Windows 7 Professional installed onto it as well as Office Enterprise 2007 (both are registered with MS and are certified). I will include the original Dell driver disk, a copy of Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Ultimate (in case you choose to go back to Vista) and a copy of MS Office Enterprise 2007. All of the aforementioned are burned copies from my TechNet account and are 100% legal. Machine also includes OEM power adapter.


$180 shipped via UPS ground/no trades.

any questions, please PM me.

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