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08-07-2010, 01:53 PM
MX6450 Notebook Specifications<br>
Part Number: 5959Gateway MX6450 Notebook<br>
Feature Description<br>
Processor AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology ML-37<br>
Operates at 2.0 GHz | 1 MB L2 Cache<br>
Chipset ATI™ Radeon® Xpress 200M Chipset<br>
Screen 15.4-inch Widescreen Ultrabright TFT WXGA<br>
Memory 1024 MB DDR (2x 512 MB) SODIMM (PC2700) Expandable to 2 GB<br>
Video Integrated Radeon® X300 based graphics<br>
Up to 64MB shared video memory<br>
Audio AC '97 2.3 Compliant Audio<br>
Built-in Speakers<br>
Hard Drive 100 GB HDD (4200 RPM)<br>
Optical Drive DVD+/-RW Multi-Format Double Layer (up to 8.5 GB)<br>
Write maximum: 8X DVD+/-R, 4X DVD+/-RW, 2.4X DVD+R DL, 24X CD-R and 10X CD-RW disk<br>
Read maximum: 24X CD-ROM, 8X DVD-ROM, 8X DL/+RW disks<br>
Media Reader 4-in-1 Digital Media Manager<br>
Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Memory Stick-Pro, and MMC<br>
Modem 56K ITU V.92 ready Fax/Modem (RJ-11 port)<br>
Network 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN<br>
802.11g integrated wireless (up to 54Mbps)<br>
SecureEasySetup™, 125 High Speed Mode, BroadRange™ Technology<br>
Interfaces <br>
4 - USB 2.0 Ports<br>
1 - VGA External Connector<br>
1 - IEEE 1394 port<br>
1 - RJ11<br>
1 - RJ45<br>
Microphone In<br>
Headphone / Audio Out<br>
Pointing Device Touchpad with Vertical Scroll Zone<br>
PCMCIA 1 - Type I or Type II; Card Bus<br>
Battery 8-cell Lithium-ion<br>
Dimensions 1.40-inches H x 14.09-inches W x 10.39-inches D<br>
Weight 6.44 pounds<br>
<div><br></div><div><br></div>I am getting rid of this because I got a new laptop. &nbsp;There are slight rubbings on the screen you can see in the picture. &nbsp;The battery still holds full charge, and other than that it is in great condition. &nbsp;The only thing i would even consider "wrong" with it is the rubbings from being opened and closed. &nbsp;The hinges still feel tight with no wobble. &nbsp;Cosmetically it has general wear and tear, i would give it a 7/10. &nbsp;Sorry for the quality of the pictures, they were taken with my phone. &nbsp;It's an Evo 4g and they still dont have all the bugs worked out of the camera yet. Click on them for bigger versions of the pictures though. I tried to get the rubbings on the screen to come up in the photo as good as possible. They are light enough you can't even see them when the screen is on, only when light is reflecting off of it and the screen is off. Also the pictures show the normal wear from typing, but that is it. This will be a great deal for someone. The ATI graphics card helps with flash accelleration so that helps a lot when doing things like farmville, Hulu, streaming movies, etc.&nbsp;This laptop runs much faster than my wife's Intel Atom n280 netbook, just so you can get a comparison of the processor. &nbsp;Has no problem playing 720p movies. &nbsp;Copies cd's and dvd's very quickly. &nbsp;Any questions feel free to ask.

Link to my gallery on picassa (http://picasaweb.google.com/109509029989347551832/ForSale?feat=directlink)

Ignore my html coding, this is from my ebay listing lol. I have plenty of people on here that have bought from me. I'm a good guy and will get it shipped out same day or next. The last ten pictures or so in there are of the laptop that's just a link to my general for sale album.

Paypal goes to [email protected]

Purchase before the weekend is over to get it at this price.

I'll throw a copy of windows 7 or xp on it, your choice, and the latest microsoft office.

08-07-2010, 06:43 PM
Just sold for asking price, thanks guys.