View Full Version : NESPL hit's the Cape 8-28

SPL Blazer
08-05-2010, 06:16 PM
Saturday August 28th NESPL will be traveling to the Cape to bring some BASS. We'll be hitting Vehicle Vibes Car Audio for an SPL Soundoff. We'll be offering both SPL classes and Slammin Bass classes with trophies for both formats.

The event takes place at:

Vehicle Vibes
12 Enterprise Rd Suite 3&4
Hyannis Mass

Registration begins at 10am and the show runs until approximately 4pm.
Registration fee's will be $20 per format and $30 for both.

They want to make it an annual event, if we can get a good turnout. We'll try and get the show over in time for anyone looking to hit the TNESPL 1X later that night in Tewksbury Mass.

08-05-2010, 10:05 PM
A show I'll only have to drive 15 minutes to get to WOOHOO!

Hope to see a few of you guys there. Dunno what class I'll be competing in here as I have a couple smoked amps ATM, but a couple new subs to mess with.

SPL Blazer
08-08-2010, 11:11 PM
I forgot about possible traffic issues for those of us getting to the Cape, make sure to leave yourself some time to get there. I hit a show last year in Hyannis and didn't hit any on the way down, but some weekends have a lot of traffic, so plan ahead everyone.

08-09-2010, 11:01 AM
Early Sunday shouldn't be bad. Friday evening/night is a horror show...then again so is pretty much everything getting away from Boston, and sunday nights getting off can be rough.

Keep in mind the construction on the Sagamore wrapped up this spring so barring accidents you have all lanes open and the fly-over is working pretty well most of the time.

SPL Blazer
08-09-2010, 11:07 AM
The show is on a Saturday morning, so I'm guessing you mean it won't be as bad since the construction is done.

08-09-2010, 11:59 AM
Saturday morning can go either way getting on cape. Still yeah all the bridge construction is over with so it shouldn't be anything too bad. I suspect about the same as getting up to Laconia on a nice weekend, 16 used to be a nightmare when I lived up that way.

08-22-2010, 06:04 PM
OK, fellas, who is coming down to the cape for this one?

SPL Blazer
08-25-2010, 01:12 PM
Vehicle Vibes has been doing a lot of promoting for this show on the Cape, let's hope it's a decent size event. I picked up some nice trophies for it so there will be some nice ones to take home.

08-25-2010, 03:56 PM
Yes, they're plugging it on the radio and word of mouth. Hope it's a good turnout, nice guys at that shop it should be a good time.

09-01-2010, 11:25 PM
i had fun

09-03-2010, 09:46 AM
Thanks for coming down guys! Amateur 1 class looked good. Lots of legit amateurs really close to eachother.