View Full Version : with Memphis in NE

08-03-2010, 10:20 PM
so I came across this complete brand new memphis system on CL for $800 (2) m312d2's (2) pr1.500's and the Memphis prefab enclosure...this was a rare find arond my local at the exact right time saving me the trip to a major city as well as giving me something to do around here!! (there is nothing) Soooo now my bump has me hated on by even the young around here! its like a seismic protest to the old, country music and blocks out all satelite radio within 50 feet as well! (I moved here 3yrs ago from Denver btw so its about time these people got broungt up to speed)

Im just glad to have somethin to do.. Ive been playin around with systems since I started drivin and electronic bass hit the scene in the late 80's .. but now that Im older.. this is gettin serious! still need some components and other minor details but im gettin there.

nice to meet you ppl Ive had alot of help from a few already