View Full Version : Head Unit Suggestion for Ford Escape 2003

07-29-2010, 10:48 PM
I have a Ford Escape 2003 with the factory 6 CD head unit in.

A few years back I got a set of 4 Memphis Car Audio speakers, 5" x 7". These are RMS/Peak 50w/100w. They can be seen here:

MClass Component Speakers from Memphis Car Audio (http://www.memphiscaraudio.com/products/speakers/mclass-component-speakers/)

Are these pretty good speakers?

My question is how good of a receiver should I buy to get great sound from these? I want to avoid buying a second amp unless completely necessary. I usually listen to rock/alternative at normal levels. I hardly ever blast so I'm not looking for ear bursting abilities here. I still have the factory sub in the back of the escape.

I also want the receiver to have an iPod hookup. XM would be nice but not necessary. Also, it must have a detachable faceplate because I've had my car broken in to twice in DC in one year.

I'm pretty much a nub to this, so any suggestions of good brands to start with or great overall receivers with the above capabilities would be nice.