View Full Version : need help on speaker fit/choice

01-18-2004, 01:03 AM
I just bought a 2003 Toyota Tundra, it has the stock factory stereo system in it.
I would like to put an Alpine deck in, and whatever power amp, maybe a Rockford, but my problems start with not spending a lot of money, and trying to use the current factory cut outs for new speakers. I believe according to Crutchfield, that I have to run a 6-3/4 speaker in the doors, front and rear. If this is true, it seems to not be much choice, some but not many. Or is it possible to run 6.5" speakers? I also wonder if its worth trying to get away with running just the door speakers and no sub? The place for the sub is a small cubby hole under the rear bench seat-and it is not open under the bench it is a flat ledge the bench sits on, not much room and i am told 2-8"s are max in sub choice for this vehicle. Is there door speakers that will fit my vehicle that have enough bass to pass on a sub? I dont really know the speaker size in there but it looks like maybe a 6" with a wizzer......It would be nice to spend less than $1500 on a deck, amp, and 2 sets of door speakers.
Any help would be appreciated...(I am new to this forum, and not a big knowledge on this stuff but enough to get me by).