View Full Version : Dual XHD Head Units

07-24-2010, 03:48 PM

I recently purchased an XHD6420, 6425, and 6430 off Fleabay used for installation in my 3 cars. I was aware that these are hardly the best units out there, but the reviews I had read for these units were generally positive, considering the price, and I'm actually happy with the audio quality (I don't have very high standards). While the audio is reasonable, I'm unhappy about the FM reception.

The XHD6420 seems okay, but not good. The 6425 and 6430 seem outright bad. When I listen to nearby stations (<30 miles away) they sound find. However, when I listen to stations >30 miles away the signal varies from okay/decent to very noisy. In fact, quite oddly, I've heard it seem to pick up another station on the same frequency I was listening to, even though there aren't any stations anywhere near me. I've heard this behavior on other car stereos, but never on that frequency anywhere close to where I was when it happened. The 6425 and 6430 are considerably worse than my stock Ford Escort stereo. The 6420 is worse, but not as bad. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that it switches into and out of HD radio when the reception starts getting worse which causes a weird echoing.

The reception varies with location (obviously) but also seems to vary with time. Sometimes its okay, other times its bad. Pulling over and turning the ignition off doesn't seem to have any impact, so I doubt its electrical noise, and switching between LOCAL and not-LOCAL doesn't seem to have any impact either.

The 6420 was tried in one car, the 6425 and 6430 were tried in the Escort. I hve tried switching the Escort back to the stock radio and the noise problem at least mostly went away.

When I called Dual their best advice was that perhaps the RF connector was loose in the radio, but it didn't appear to be that loose and I've tried remating it a number of times and although the 6430 is less than a year old, they wouldn't do any warranty off it because I didn't have proof of original purchase.

Can someone give me advice (other than that Dual *****?)