View Full Version : thoughts on a component set?

07-22-2010, 01:11 PM
since i blew my ****** alpine type-s door speakers i'm gonna upgrade this week. i had them on head unit power for about 3 years so it was about time to get new ones anyway.

i'm thinkin about getting the boston acoustic sc60 6.5" components. i love my boston subs, and i've heard nothing but good things about boston products.


i'm gonna quit being lazy and hook up my other amp to power these. i'm gonna be using an orion cobalt 300.2 for the components.


any thoughts on how well this will work out? if you have better suggestions for a component set around the same price let me know. i'm set on using this amp since it's new and i already have it. but i'm open for opinions on the components.

also, when installing a component set, where is the best place to mount the tweeters? on my last set i had them at the top of the a-pillar. i thought they sounded great but i am by no means a sound expert. is there anywhere to put them to get the most out of them?