View Full Version : ALPINE IDA-X305S - can i use a normal USB to iPhone cable?

CZ Eddie
07-22-2010, 01:12 AM
ALPINE IDA-X305S - can i use a normal USB to iPhone cable?
I won an auction for this unit. It doesn't come with the wiring harness or USB cable.

I can solder my own wiring harness in. But what about the USB to iphone cable? Should I buy an Alpine cable or can I use my normal white cable to plug into the back of the Alpine?

My limited google search suggests I need the Alpine cable, but all the talk I read about it were referring to older Alpine decks.

EDIT: I spoke to Alpine tech support just now. They say that for under 2' length, you can use the white Apple ipod/phone cable. But anything over 2' and you will need the special Alpine cable, or you'll get communication errors.

CZ Eddie
07-30-2010, 11:26 PM
Nope, I couldn't use the OEM Apple iPhone cable. Just installed the deck today. Bummer!

I'll start looking for an Alpine cable. Anyone know the part number for this deck, or whether I can use one of the zillion other Alpine USB cables I'm finding on eBay?


EDIT: I just picked up an Alpine KCU-440I USB cable from BestBuy on clearance for $15.99, normally like $30. It works great and is super long. I think it's actually the stock cable.