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07-17-2010, 10:47 AM
OK, he hasn't really "scammed" or anything like that but...

short story: he told me he wanted to buy my wire. pm'd him my paypal, he said he sent payment. I marked it sold in the thread. Then I realized I didn't receive the payment. put is back up for sale minus one run and dropped the price, again, he said he wanted it and said he sent payment. Again, I marked it sold but again I did not receive payment. he said he wanted all five, so I said I would sell him all five then. Again, he said he sent payment and again I did not receive anything.

long story: He Pm'd me telling me he wanted to buy all of my wire, he just needed my paypal so he could send the money. so I gave him my paypal address. The next day, he PM'd me saying he sent the money. I checked and did not receive a payment.
Then i said "since you didn't pay yet, I would like to only sell 4 runs and I dropped the price. He said, OK, payment sent. again I didn't receive a payment so I bumped my thread and mentioned that he failed to make payment (as I had marked it sold to him). Then he said he "stopped payment because I said I only wanted to sell 4 runs" even though he "sent payment" AFTER I told him I was only going to sell 4 runs and dropped the price for him.
So he said he wanted all 5 runs or nothing, so I told him I would just sell all 5 runs if that is what he had to have. Again he said "Ok, thanks man! payment sent" yet ONCE AGAIN I did not receive any payment. then he says "or some reason man when i try to send you the money paypal says it has sent an echeck witch will take 3-5 days so i dont know if the prob is on your end or mine just so you know" which is obviously a crock of **** because with an echeck it still shows that I received a payment and I just have to wait like 3 days for it to clear....

ANYWAYS... not a good start for the newbee

EDIT: and yes, I did make sure I sent him my paypal address, I sent it 3 times actually...

07-17-2010, 10:51 AM
sounds like an attempted scam

07-17-2010, 11:30 AM
hmm i didnt have a problem when he purchased my idem.