View Full Version : Headunit Troubles.

07-17-2010, 08:13 AM
Ok, so i bought a head deck and 10 stacker off a friend (for cheap) to replace the stock one in my car, i wired it up (i've done plenty, so i know what im doing) and it all works, but, one of the buttons doesn't work.

The button that doesn't work is the Source button, which lets me play through the cd stacker. When i press it, it does nothing, doesn't even beep like when i press other buttons.
How ever, to power on the head unit (no power button), i can press that button, it beeps, and turns the head unit on, but after that, it doesn't want to work.

The head unit is sending power to the cd stacker and amp, but just won't let me change the source, which is really annoying because i don't just want to listen to AM/FM radio.

The head units model number is "Sony XR C550", not sure about the stackers model number, but its an Xplod 10 stacker.

If anyone could help me with getting this to work, i would really appreciate it :)