View Full Version : New comps for $200?

07-08-2010, 08:17 PM
ok so I think I may save the 100 that I was going to use on midbass drivers to buy some new comps. I currently have the pg rsds. My amp is a Kenwood x4r 100 watts x 4 at 4 ohms. So would these be a better idea then buying midbass? and any suggestions on comp sets? I'll be buying off of the opinions of all of you because where I live the only high end I can even preview is Hertz. I'm really Interested in the Image Dynamics CTX65cs I've heard nothing but good things. Any opinions? Im looking for alot of tight punchy midmass clear midrange and crisp clear highs but not too bright.

07-09-2010, 01:45 AM
diamond audio d661 get good reviews, $200 rated 100w RMS

07-09-2010, 05:12 AM
SOUNDSTREAMŽ RF-60C 6-1/2" REFERENCE COMPONENT SPEAKERS - eBay (item 170508227113 end time Aug-01-10 13:56:54 PDT) (http://cgi.ebay.com/SOUNDSTREAM-RF-60C-6-1-2-REFERENCE-COMPONENT-SPEAKERS-/170508227113?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Car_Speakers&hash=item27b3151229)

:cool: love them.... Everything sounds bad *** in my ride... check out my build log.

07-09-2010, 05:32 AM
Audioque: Components: AQG6.5 (http://www.audioque.com/aq/?page_id=34)

07-09-2010, 01:34 PM
The mids in that soundstream set look impressive... How's the mid bass from them and how's that tweeter?

07-09-2010, 03:05 PM
I would also look at the Hybrid Audio Imagine Line.

07-09-2010, 03:09 PM
dude buy my comp set! i have a set of Diamond Audio D6's. They have the silk dome tweeter so they are not harsh. the model number on them is D662S. they are some awesome comps and you would not be disappointed. PM me if youre interested!

07-09-2010, 08:28 PM
Any opinions on the ID CTX65cs?

07-09-2010, 09:15 PM
anyone heard the elemental designs e9.65i set? I can get a brand new pair for 150 and normal price is 225... are they worth it?

07-10-2010, 02:10 PM
Go with the ID CTX65 comps, i have been using mine for years, lots of midbass and great sound quality. All my buddies that hear them think they are some really high end expensive comps they sound so good.

07-10-2010, 03:45 PM
CTX65's are very popular, and for good reason. Out of everything that's been mentioned thus far, I'd go with them.

Yes, it would be better to go with a new set of comps than buying a set of midbasses, as you would have to take the time to properly set up a 3-way front stage to get the most out of it. At least, value-wise it would be.

To get more midbass kick, you should really make sure your door panels are well deadened (if the mids are in the doors) and you should also try sealing the door off. You might also want to try running your amp bridged, and give those PG Comps some more power.

07-10-2010, 09:41 PM
Thanks for the advice I was really liking the IDs I think that is what I'll end up getting now. My doors are deadened and sealed already but I can try bridging my amp, but its 300 watts bridged.... Isn't that a little much for the PGs?