View Full Version : Navi Head Unit with Bluetooth & Ipod Control in the $400-$600 range?

07-02-2010, 03:21 PM
I read the under $800 thread, but his budget is a bit more than mine.

Is it possible to get a solid Navi head unit with Nav & BT included or added for the $400-$600 range?

What I am looking for-

Double Din

Great Nav (inexpensive updates would be nice).

Trouble free Ipod control with a nice user interface (projected to be used with a dedicated 80g Ipod Video).

Solid BT integration (to be used with iPhone g4).

Backup cam input.

HD Radio input option would be icing, but not necessary.

What I don't need-

DVD video. I think/hope I can save a bit of money here. If it can play video through the iPod that would be icing, but not necessary.

I am open to ebay from the larger proven reputation merchants. Am open to "last years" models, don't really want to go used though. Also any on line sellers that come with high recommendations from you folk.

Car- 2006 Toyota 4Runner, Non JBL, Non RDS

So far I have looked at the:

Eclipse AVN4430; It can be had for about $500, is basically plug and play for my 4runner (it is the derivative of the OEM "urban runner" toyota option), and the removable TomTom is useful. The nav updates are active and affordable through TomTom.

Reservations; Have read some complaints about iPod control problems, the screen is a bit small and, Eclipse leaving the aftermarket.

Pioneer AVIC X710BT; It can be had for about $600 (the top of my budget), my reading seems to suggest that it has solid iPod and BT. Dont know much about the nav...

Reservations; I read that it along with several of the other Pioneer units can be glitchy and prone to instability. However I cant get a feel for how bad it really is, if it is just in comparison to flagship models, or if it is largely resolved with the newest software.

I know all units can have their idiosyncrasies, but the criteria at the top of the post are what's important to me.

So, what are your thoughts on those units compared to others in this price range? What other units am I missing? If nicer units can be had in my budget share a link. ;) But, please keep my budget in mind as suggestions for units priced well outside my budget aren't much help.

Thanks for the help.

07-05-2010, 02:51 PM
Anyone? Little help... :)

07-05-2010, 02:54 PM

found the thread it sold