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d audio 450
01-14-2004, 01:08 AM
ok...i feel like i need some help in terms of which direction im taking my door glassing...

step one: Make Molding (trims rings and whatnot...)
step two: Fleece (stretching, stapling, etc)
step three: soak the fleece in resin (mix the resin/hardener, and brush into fleece)

(pat's first question: on my door panels, im stopping at this point cuz the fleece seems like i soaked it well enough that it is rock friggin hard...now what do i do?
i started sanding down the hardened resin and im getting a real real smooth hard surface that im really liking, but am i supposed to be using the body filler to fill in the tiny little craters and such/ or can i just keep sanding till they are all gone???)

step four: start laying resin and fiberglass matting down together (several layers)
??? step five: sand down fiberglass (get rid of real rough spots)
??? step six: fill in tiny craters with bodyfiller (then sand etc)
then paint right??

thanks for any help

01-14-2004, 02:15 AM
DO NOT lay glass down on the outside unless you want to create a WHOLE lot of extra work for yourself. Basicly just get to the inside if you can and lay the glass on the inside it will make it really strong. On door pannels and such depending on how thick your fleece is you might not even need to build it up it might be hard enough already. Basicly just sand your fleece a little if that seems to be working for you. The problem I run into with grill cloth is I start getting little hairs and they are a ***** to get rid of. I suggest mixing bondo and resin and make what is called a milkshake use a little extra resin hardner. Now it should be thick like a milkshake but able to be painted on with a paint brush and if you get the mixture just right it will end up pretty smooth. Now all you have to do is sand it work out your improfections and use any little extra bondo you need and it's ready for paint.


01-14-2004, 02:17 AM
Oh yeah I forgot to ask for pics of what you have done? post some or e-mail them to [email protected] I'm doing alot of research and trying to get ideas of how I am going to build my car I'm redoing the whole thing as soon as the new rockford line hits stores. Called the rep for fosgate that handles my company and expected time to hit stores is end of next month.

01-14-2004, 09:12 AM
You can lay the mat and or cloth on the outside or inside. Inside makes for less sanding obviously. But sometimes you can't help but to glass the outside. My suggestion however is to do just one or two layers of lightweight mat on the doors. Resin fleece feels pretty strong at first. Until the first time billy joe jim bob hops in your car with the size 15's on, and accidentally kicks a whole in your new door panel. Door panels don't take that much abuse. But why take the chance with all of your hard work. Better safe than sorry. :)