View Full Version : Need a Box built ASAP

06-23-2010, 12:37 AM
1. Car. Year, Make, Model: 2004 Ford Explorer

2. Subs. Make, Model, Size, How many:Custom 12" 4in coil beast

3. Power. How much power per sub:2500-3000

4. Goal. SPL or SQ: sq

5. Sealed or ported: ported

6. Sub/port placement: Sub up, port back

7. Max dimensions:trying to conserve space, trying to make this happen without taking up a ton of depth

8. Desired NET vol and tuning(optional):2.5cuft @ 33hz

9. Finish: Tan carpet

10. Zip code for shipping:35757

11) Additional comments: If anybody could make this happen with a some aeros that would be even better....Money is is ready to be sent

Spy also offer several options you can add if you would like. Please note these are options Spy offer and other builders may offer more or less options. If you want something you don't see listed feel free to ask.

Double baffle:
Double baffle/flush mount:YESSSSS
Round over all port edges inside and out:
Round over all outside edges:
45's in all inside corners: Sure but not a necessity
Kerfed port: Sure but not a necessity
Kerfed walls:
Slanted back:
Paint inside of port: