View Full Version : 2 JL 12W7 enlosure help for 98 Dodge Durango

06-22-2010, 02:20 AM
I have a 98 Dodge Durango with 2 JL 12W7s powered by 2 MRP-M1000s. Also running Kenwood components in the front doors and kenwood coaxials in the middle doors powered by JL 300/4. I want a box that will hit some decibels but also sound good for daily music. Currently my box is tuned to 29hz (i like low tight bass) for my old subs so they are faily low for spl box. If anyone has any box designs or even tips I would love to hear them. Here are the dimensions I have available. 40" wide x 20" tall x 18" bottom depth and 14" top depth. I have a JL W7 ho box that fits perfect and I have thought about making a custom ho knock off, just make it 40" wide and divide it and tune it to 35hz.

Also anyone have any ideas of what kind of dbs i cant hit with these I know they are not the loudest but I like loud and clean and they were dirt cheap. Thanks in advance.