View Full Version : Truck Box Design for Audiopulse Axis 12''

06-20-2010, 05:22 PM
I have an Audiopulse Axis 12 for my next substage, thats going in a regular cab truck. I'm not good at designing boxes at all and was just needing a sketch up of some sort to get started. I'd like to go sub and port both firing up. The width needs to be a narrow as possible, like 12-13'' (just enough for the sub). I have tons of length to work with, the cab is nearly 5' across, but need to leave some room for the battery. I'd like the height to be a little short as well, I have 24'' to the window line and the shorter it is = more leg room.
I'd like to tune anywhere in the 28-32hz range. Here are specs of the axis - Audiopulse (http://www.audiopulse.com/products/subwoofer-drivers/axis)

Any help is appreciated :thumbupw:

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