View Full Version : Smokiní Yokohama S34D 205/50/17 V- rated high performance all season tires

06-20-2010, 11:14 AM
Greetings audio friends, I have just bought a mazda 3 2010 grand touring and these came on the car. As a professional musician who is installing an audiophile sound system and who does critical professional listening of delicate classical music, I need absolute quiet. These are the tires on the highest trim level of the Mazda grand touring and have incredible handling. S34's are the prevalent tire choice for hi performance vehicles sold in the United States. S34D's provide a versatile blend of ride quality, noise, comfort, treadwear, v-rated handling and year-round traction, even in light snow, according to reviews online. I switched them out for a more conservative touring tire and want to sell these. They retail for up to 200.00 The cheapest you can find them on the web is 158/tire and that doesn't include shipping. The buyer will be able to go to direct tire and have them installed at no charge by the best tire shop in New England! with no transport of tires or shipping involved. This is a GREAT deal for anyone interested in these tires!