View Full Version : CDT ES-610 Eurosports

06-14-2010, 08:40 PM
Hey guys its been awhile since I been around car audio as much as I used to be but just recently decided to go with a good set of components for my 95 Trans Am. I orderd a set of Premier TS-C720PRS's from woofersetc but they just called to inform me that they are out of stock and will not be having anymore since Pioneer has discontinued them so they gave me three options and after looking around online I called back and went with the ES-610's they offered for the same price. They also offered me the HD62's at the same price and I am now wondering if I should have went with them instead. Anyhow I have plenty of power from an Arc Audio KS300.4 amplifier to use and a Kenwood x693 is my source unit. What should I be expecting from these components when I recieve them? I read a couple thread where ppl commented about the tweets included with this set being a little on the weak side and that concerns me. I also thought about going completely active with my setup in the future for a heads up. Anyone have any thoughts on these comps? Thanks in advance.