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06-11-2010, 07:15 PM
Hey, nice place. I've read forums on here before, and thought I'd join even though I don't have alot of time to type on the computer. Anyway, my wife just got me a new headunit for father's day. It's a Pioneer deh-p4200ub since I had problems with my 2007 pioneer deh-p5000ub (I think that's the right model numer) The rca connectors went bad or something, or a least I hope to find out when I try out the one. I was getting a lot of ground noise through the rca's even after I regrounded my amps and HU. I have had to build my systems to budget do to other responsibleities in life so please don't tell me how old you think my amp is when I tell to I have a 400 watt jensen or things like that. I have 2-10in Rockford Fosgate punch z's 400 watt max each with a 800 watt Ultra Linear mono amp, 2-6X9 260 watt Pioneers with a 4 channel 400 watt Jensen amp. I still have to get 2-6.5 180 watt Pioneers for my doors up front. This is in a 2001 chevy impala (ex-police car). In my old car (2001 dodge neon) I had my 400 watt jensen running X2 to my 6.5's in the doors with 2-15in Kicker CVR'S with a 2 channel 1200 watt profile. Before that the 2-15's ran off of a 2 channel Massive rs50. Before that I had 2-12in Hollywood's (yea I saw the forum write up on them just before I joined today) running off of a 800 watt sony xploid which I couldn't get out of protection mode when it overheated, before the sony amp I had them hooked up to a 600 watt Kenwood amp that overheated, before that I had and still have my first amp which is L.A. Sound Malibu 120s 2 channel amp from 1993 hooked up to those hollywood's before the hollywood's I had 2-12in Rockford Fosgate punches, and before those subs I had 2-10 super pros or super blues. See my car on youtube under 420dportkid I would like to type more about my recent problems with my HU but like I said before I don't type alot or well for that matter. I check back later. :groovy:

JL Audio
06-11-2010, 07:19 PM
though I don't have time to read that whole thing, welcome to the forums.