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01-12-2004, 03:49 AM
Ok so if you saw my post in the amp section you know I wanted to sell this amp, but after careful consideration and good advice from the forum members (thanks guys!) I've decided to hang on to the amp. The amp is an older PPI PC2600 (which is 600watts at 4ohms bridged). Right now Im using 2 Pioneer 12" DVC's, the 305 models. I really haven't been impressed with the subs at all in the week that I've been using them so I've decided it may be time to upgrade. However, since I just bought these subs I figured maybe I could do something to get them to sound better. That said, I wanted to first ask some questions about these subs in specific before I give them the boot. I had them hooked up to the PPI and was running them @ 4ohms mono and didnt like the sound at all. The bass "hit" was good but the low end was lacking quite a bit with alot of clipping. Also, they just didn't have the SPL I wanted. Heres what I got going on now, maybe I am doing something wrong so I'll list this all out. I am using my headunit, a Pioneer Premier 750MP as my crossover set at 80Hz. I also had the bass centered? at 80Hz with a 2W setting (Im talking about the frequency you set when you hold down the "A" button for a couple seconds and that menu comes up with the bass, mid, and treble hz settings). The bass level on the head unit is all the way down, and the bass enhancements are all off (loudness, hpf, etc.) The sub level on the head unit is at exactly as my center point. On the amp I have the following settings: gain is 75%, Bass EQ is off, x-over off, and its on Low Pass setting because it doesnt have a full pass mode. I guess thats about it for the settings. As for the box Im using a sealed box at 1.5 c/in for each chamber (as per Pioneers reccomendation). My question is:

What am I doing wrong if anything with these settings? And if I am doing something wrong or could do something better (such as porting the box, using the amp x-over, etc.) let me know.

Now, if I just can't get that sound I want outta these subs even with correct tuning my next step logically would be to donate them to my g/f and upgrade. Thats another reason why I want to know how to get more outta them. Now for the upgrade, what should I get? Im not sure what sub(s) would pair well with this amp. Im on kinda a tight budget, Im thinking no more than 150, 200 at the most, so if I can't get anything better for that price I'll just stick with what I have. For my budget I was thinking about going with a single L5 or L7 12 and a sealed enclosure. With that sub would I notice a big difference from what I have? Anyways, Im sure you all know good subs to go with that amp so I'll let you guys do the talking. Thanks for any suggestions and answers!
Ron Jon

01-12-2004, 04:25 AM
You can move this to the subs forum if you'd like moderators. I didnt realize I was posting in the speakers forum and not subwoofers. Sorry =(

01-13-2004, 01:30 AM
You definetly need to be using the x-over on the amp. Make sure its on with it selected to low pass. Set the bass gain to about three to four clicks clockwise. After doing these things you should notice a considerable gain in bass response. :rotflol: