View Full Version : Hiya from western CANADA!!!!

06-08-2010, 11:05 PM
Hey all, just stumbled into this forum...wow what a great resource place. Seems like bass dominates most things here, which is so cool.... SQ is all good but bass bangin is where it's at for me.
My system is all Phoenix Gold RSd amps and Xmax 15's with a Clarion DXZ 955MC here's a few pic's. I'm lookin to build a better box and possibly upgrade to better subs whether thats 2-15's or an 18. i think I'll be able to find just what i'm lookin for in the classifieds here. Any thoughts on whether to run an 18D2 or try to find 2-15D4's My amps can only do 2ohm load. they are good for 1400ish RMS. I can do approximately 5-6 cubes max and still use a lil bit of my trunk. let me know...out.