View Full Version : Random Play in usb drive problems, which h/u is better in usb drive options?

05-30-2010, 11:11 PM
Hello group,
Glad to be here, hope to find the right answers and learn from the experts here.
Ok here is the thing, Iīm usb drive music guy (it means I dont use Ipod, or other mp3 player, mainly I like to have as many Gighas of music with me as possible. 64 Gb usb Drive actually is what I want to have, but so far only use a much samaller drive.

I use a Pioneer head unit: DEH-4000UB, everything seems to be ok with a major exeption: While using the usb drive I notticed that if I use the random function it will only random the song when the track is ended and not if I hit the "next" button on the faceplate, I have read the mannual and seems itīs the way this model works.
As far as I know if you are using the Random function and you hit the next button it will go not to the next song but to a song randomly choosed right?
So my big questions
1): Any tips, advices or sugestions to be able to use this random funtion on my 4000-UB?
2): Is it a problem with all Pioneers or just this model?
2): In the event I decide to get rid of this unit, Is there any model, brand you people could advice I should buy?

So here is my needs:
exeptional flexibility for usb drive use, fast readings times, shuffle, random availability, fast searching songs function, not the click, one click two, click three, I mean If I hit next and keep it pressed I want it to go really fast passing through songs, for example if I am in track 210 I want to go to track 400 really fast, I guess it can be done right? Budget?: Tight.:D
Everything else is just ok with me, oh yeah remote control please. Any Sugestions on how to have what I need? I like Kenwood, Sony, Alpine, Pioneer.

Really Thanks in advance for the help and good advice! :veryhapp:

I donīt want to sell this unit just for that, but it getting annoying everytime I want to surf my usb drive files...

05-31-2010, 11:24 AM
Any Help? :crying:
I know many of you know which head unit is best for use with external large cappacity usb drives that wont dy my bank account right?
Thanks a lot!

06-07-2010, 08:11 AM
i went from pioneer to kenwood and never looked back..

06-07-2010, 08:15 AM
Pioneer is known for sucking at randomizing songs. My solution was to get an ipod of similar capacity. I dont often listen to stuff on random anyway. If you want a better random selection I suggest another brand. I would take your usb drive to best buy and play around with some of the nicer decks until you find that one brand is doing what you want. I didnt say buy it there, but that way you could get an idea.