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05-30-2010, 09:01 PM
i have an 82 checy c10 and i want to upgrade my sound system. i have 1 10in rockford p1 sub which is ehh and an older amp. i was thinking about putting some memphis shallow mounts (maybe two twelves and a ten?) i listen to alot of rock but also listen to hip hop and rap. im also going to build a small center console that goes from under the dash to the bench seat. should i save the ten for the center console and just put the 2 12in shallow mounts behind the seat? im going to build the box myself. should i port the box or leave it sealed? is it better to put the newer amp under my seat or between the twelves. only thing is the floor board in that car gets hot. i would have to put some of that heat shield material in first. im sure the heat will effect the performance of the amp in some way. i have two memphis 12's in my suv and i like the way those hit. anyone have ideas for shallow mounts other than memphis. ideas for tweeters? i also want a different deck that has an option for subwoofer control and not just bass control in general. im not a rich man so im looking for equiptment in a decent price range. mind you, im not doing it all at once maybe over the course of three months so nothing to cheap. i want my equiptment to last. lol. [email protected]