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05-27-2010, 10:37 PM
The car I am interested in selling is a 2006 Mercedes C230, featuring the rare 6spd manual transmission. As of this past weekend it has 6xxx (yes- 6k miles!) rain/snow free miles. I bought the car "new" in July of 2006. It was a lease vehicle with 12xx miles on it. The factory plastic was still (and is still) in the floorboards. I flew to Miami Florida to pick up the car, then drove it home. I bought the car to use on the weekend and to tastefully modify (I have a habit of doing that with every car I buy). The car has never been raced/tracked- just the occasional weekend cruise up the Illinois River Road or around the wineries in Augusta. I have done the following modifications to the car (I did all of the work myself and I have most of the receipts for the parts): Vossen staggered 19" wheels, Nitto 555R tires, Eurotek carbon fiber front lip, Matte black roof (3m vinyl- can be removed), Matte black wrapped chrome trim, Clear front marker lights, C55 spoiler, aftermarket air intake and stainless exhaust, Speed Innovations ECU tune, adjustable Koni and H&R suspension, adjustable sway bar endlinks, tinted windows, Lensolo adjustable camber arms, EBC Redstuff pads, braided SS brake lines, Sprintbooster, authentic Reiger roof spoiler, upgraded headlight and foglight bulbs, aftermarket faux carbon grille, and flat hood emblem. The car does have a couple small scratches on the hood which have been repaired with touchup paint. If they weren't pointed out- it's doubtfull they would be noticed. I tried to get pictures of the marks, but they would not come out clearly. Needless to say- the rest of the car is in as-new condition- including the interior, engine compartment, and undercarriage.The car is listed in this ad as having grey interior. Mercedes actually calls it ash- it's a very very light grey.

The car also has a Rainbow Audio and A/D/S/ audio system (Rainbow Germs, W12GTi, A/D/S/ P840, Arc FD1200.1) Depending on the buyers needs, I can easily return the car back to the factory audio setup. The Rainbow and A/D/S/ system can be purchased, as installed in the car, for an additional amount.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. This is a great car that's in near new condistion. My wife and I just opened a new business so I am selling a couple of my toys to help the cause. The car was paid off and we just recently took a loan back out on it for business startup costs. When the car is paid for- I can have the title in as little as 15 minutes. The bank is just down the street from my house.

More pictures can be seen here: Shutterfly | View share (http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/welcome.sfly?fid=4c6d82c8bc4a5fda&sid=0IbM2rdm0cMWGi)

$22,500 with the factory stereo. I am located in Wood River, Illinois- right near St. Louis, Missouri. I can help with delivery if it's reasonable.

05-28-2010, 03:21 PM
wow.. sweet ride

05-28-2010, 03:22 PM
your picture collection is horrible, there are no engine shots, no close ups to wheels, no interior.


05-28-2010, 04:26 PM
Thanks........You can see the wheels just fine- twin 5 spokes with a polished lip. If someone is going to buy the car or is interested, then they would ask to see whatever detailed pictures they would like to see. A lack of an interior picture (which looks the same as it did when it was new) or the lack of an engine picture (again- looks the same as it did new) is not going to make or break a possible interest in the car.

For example- had those pictures been in the album, would you have been interested in buying the car or learning more about it? I would guess not. Either someone is interested in a Mercedes and/or modified car, or they aren't. The pictures you commented about are not going to change their interest. I've built/bought/sold several custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles in my day. The pictures you are talking about only matter or get attention when someone is looking for a run of the mill car to just drive. Well composed pictures with a good background is what gets attention when trying to sell a non run of the mill car.