View Full Version : 3 10" PGs need opinion on amp

01-09-2004, 11:29 PM
i was thinking about some different setups with the 10" PGs and i was looking for amp that could carry the load of all three 10s or i was looking for a setup of amps to run to each speaker and which brand would be the best quality.

the 10" PGs have an RMS of 500 and the peak power is around 700watts total out put power steady at 4 ohms just looking for the setup and brand of amp to hook up that could run all 3 i was thinking going with 3 500 watt amps but i didnt want to spend that much money or going with 1 amp that was big enough to carry a load that high. any suggestions

01-10-2004, 12:44 AM
why don't you just get a single 15 - they're $115 shipped on ebay. But if you go with the 3 10"s you'll need an amp that puts out at least 1,500 at 2 ohms. Those subs will have a resistance of 2.67 ohms. So i would advise the tsunami - it puts out 1800 at 2ohms. www.avionixxusa.com,