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05-21-2010, 08:57 PM
i need a design for a 4th order bandpass for a pair of Addictive Audio 12s. Ill be pushing them with an Addictive Audio 50.1 amp (500rms at 1ohm). also i dont have a problem paying for a design.

this is going in a 2dr s10 blazer. im not chasing numbers,i just want a nice ground pounder.

max dimensions i have to work with 38"w X 15"h X 50"d .

sub T/S

OD = 12.519"
ID = 11.181"
MD = 5.905"
0.146 cu.ft.

-Mechanical Parameters-parallel
FS 33.22Hz
Qms 4.173
Vas 50.22liters
Cms 0.135mm/N
Mms 171.1g
Rms 8.505kg/s
Xmax 12.0mm
P-dia 255mm
Sd 0.0511sq.m
P-Vd 0.613liters

-Electrical Parameters-
Qes 0.674
Re 1.6ohms
Le 1.17mH
Z 2.0 ohms
Bl 9.168Tm

-Electromech. Parameters-
Qts 0.581
no 0.263%
1-W SPL 87.10db
2.83-V SPL 93.64db
Efficiency Bandwith Product 43hz

Sealed 1.5cuft
ported 2.37cuft (Fb 36.82hz, F3 32.77hz)
square por 14sqin X 10"d
round port 4"dia X 8.75"d

05-22-2010, 05:12 AM
Why do you want a fourth order box in the blazer? You could do a huge slot port box tuned around 35+ and it would slam the **** out of the blazer. Hell, even a sealed box would slam hard. I had a sealed box with two pyle drivers back in 92 and My buddy put them in his blazer for a night of cruising and that **** slammed hard yo. If I was you, I would not do fourth in the blazer....

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05-24-2010, 09:56 PM
ive read that 4th order bp are good sounding boxes,and i kinda want something different,,,but if not il just do a subs up/port back setup.