View Full Version : Design for two type R 12's

05-21-2010, 04:28 PM
So friend just got a 89 or 90 240sx hatchback. So he wants to put two type r's in there but because he and his butt buddys are so against whatever i say.. ( i suggested getting DC level 3 12's ) they are in love with type r's and think they sound like god.. anyways he says he wants to get 2 12's in a Wedge box and put it behind the rear seats so its angled with the hatch.. if that makes sense.. He wants to the subs to fire upward at an angle on the angled part of the wedge.. IF anyone has any ideas.. im still kind of lost on how to use WinISD so i could use some help :) Pm your price for design and cutout sheet. :D